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NYC Mindset

New York City has been called a mindset more than a physical place. It’s the source of songs, sitcoms and intense social interactions or at times very little interaction in the midst of human density and the pressing need to be at a certain place ten minutes ago. New York City is the site of unrestrained, raw action or public displays of self-expression, all in the challenging conditions and complexities of social drama.

But it is also a place where, sometimes, people engage in unexpected acts of tenderness and create fleeting moments of magic, with fondness. New Yorkers have opinions and they’re willing to share them, whether you ask or not.

InternationalStudents - 144

Three international graduate students from China, attending Hofstra University, tour Manhattan, the heart of the city, and they offer their take on the sweet madness.


InternationalStudents - 171

Jing Li, Shanghai, China (MFA Documentary Studies and Production). “People here [New York City] are proud to express themselves, to share their greatest emotions.”


InternationalStudents - 109

Jing Li, “There is a balance and harmony to the city. You can sense the history and atmosphere.”


InternationalStudents - 170

Cong Ma, Dalien, China (MA Speech Communication and Rhetorical Studies). “This is an amazing city. It’s important to use your heart to feel New York.”



Cong Ma, “In the subway I saw people from all over the world and that too is so amazing.”


InternationalStudents - 100a

Cong Ma, “Most impressive is Central Park . It can be so romantic.“


InternationalStudents - 101

Cong Ma, “Do you know what I mean when I say you use your heart to feel New York?”


InternationalStudents - 172

JingJing Xu, Shanghai, China (MFA Documentary Studies and Production). “I can feel people’s lives here.”


InternationalStudents - 026

JingJing Xu, “[At home] people ask me where I am from and in New York no one cares where you are from.”


InternationalStudents - 057

JingJing Xu,“It’s the people . . .”


InternationalStudents - 096

JingJing Xu, “. . . and the colors in New York . . . And the people . . .”


InternationalStudents - 016
JingJing Xu,      Cong Ma,        Jing Li

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